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About Us

Disrupt Gives: Building Sustainable Communities

Disrupt Gives is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing homelessness and promoting long-term financial stability through rental assistance and financial literacy programs. Established in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, the organization is dedicated to helping individuals and families in financial distress by offering direct rental relief, educational workshops, and workforce training initiatives.

Their mission is to ensure housing stability while equipping people with the necessary tools and knowledge for sustainable financial health. They provide rental assistance to help individuals maintain stable housing and avoid eviction, often working closely with landlords to negotiate payment plans​ Disrupt Gives​. Additionally, Disrupt Gives offers financial literacy workshops covering topics like budgeting, credit management, and debt reduction to empower participants to make informed financial decisions​ Disrupt Gives​.

Furthermore, the organization collaborates with workforce development agencies to provide training tailored to various industries, helping individuals gain skills and access employment opportunities​ Disrupt Gives​. This holistic approach aims to not only address immediate housing needs but also foster long-term financial independence and resilience within communities​ Disrupt Gives​.

Programs and Services
Rental Assistance:
Disrupt Gives offers rental assistance to individuals and families facing financial hardship, enabling them to maintain stable housing. This assistance may include direct financial support for rent payments or subsidies to alleviate the burden of housing costs.
We work closely with landlords and property managers to negotiate payment plans and prevent eviction, fostering positive relationships between tenants and housing providers.
Financial Literacy Workshops:
Our financial literacy workshops are designed to educate individuals on budgeting, saving, credit management, and financial planning. These workshops provide practical skills and knowledge to empower participants to make informed financial decisions.
Topics covered include understanding credit scores, managing debt, creating a budget, setting financial goals, and accessing community resources for financial assistance.
Workforce Training Initiatives:
Working to improve the number of individuals who are looking to secure additional sources of income (e.g., part-time jobs, freelancing) after participating in financial literacy workshops.
Disrupt Gives, a forward-thinking organization committed to fostering community empowerment and advancement, by partnering with workforce development agencies and other community partners to build a comprehensive workforce development program aimed at equipping individuals with the skills and resources necessary to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving job market.
The program is designed to address the diverse needs of participants, offering a range of training opportunities tailored to various industries and career paths. Whether individuals are seeking to enter emerging fields like technology or healthcare or aiming to enhance their proficiency in traditional sectors such as manufacturing or hospitality, Disrupt Gives provides accessible and relevant education and training initiatives.