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Neal Bawa

Board Member

Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert.

Neal treats his $1+ billion-dollar multifamily portfolio as an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization. The Mad Scientist lives by two mantras. His first mantra is that: We can only manage what we can measure. His second mantra is that: Data beats gut feel by a million miles. These mantras and a dozen other disruptive beliefs drive profit for his 900+ investors.

Neal loves public speaking and is an energetic and humorous speaker. He also serves as CEO at Multifamily University, an apartment investing education company. He is a top-rated, in demand presenter at conferences and events across the country. Over 5,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Apartment Magic Bootcamps. Tens of thousands listen to his podcast appearances and he has been featured in over 150 top rated podcasts and radio shows. Neal’s asset management and revenue optimization techniques for multifamily are considered unique in the industry.